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Synthesis Vol. 1

SYNTHESIS marks the first official collection created by Aphonic Symphony. Volume one is the first installment of this collection celebrating the extraordinary connection that binds us all: the universal language of music. Each piece in this limited collection aims to capture the uniqueness of this profound connection. With a fusion-based approach, each piece intertwines diverse figures and musical components, merging forms, colors, and textures to create bold and dynamic compositions.

SYNTHESIS noun | the combining of the constituent elements of separate material or abstract entities into a single or unified entity



  • High resolution static image file
  • Digital animated art file (.mp4) **
  • Certificate of Authenticity

  • Verifies the originality and uniqueness of the purchased NFT
  • Emphasizes the limited edition status
  • Unlockables

  • HD metal art print *
  • Exclusive product access
  • * Initial holders ** Rare items – More details on item purchase page


    TRAITS &

    A selection of rare items deviate from the human-focused subjects, highlighting the interconnection with beings from the natural world. They can serve as a source of inspiration, reminding you of the qualities you possess or aspire to embody. Look for Deviants in the form of Spirit Animals in the collection as they are rare items only appearing 6/100.
    This unique collection of generative art is characterized by a combination of the following elements:
    Male (Character)
    Female (Character)
    Guitar (Component)
    Deviants (Character)
    Humanoid (Character)
    Complete traits available on collection page


    The art of sound

    APHONIC | adj. silent; noiseless SYMPHONY | noun a consonance or harmony of color


    | Origins
    Born from the mind of a Digital Artist/Designer and Musician, Aphonic Symphony serves as a conduit for artistic exploration, expression, and distribution of captivating digital artwork to those who share a passion for both music and art. Thusly, this project yields a diverse collection of digital artwork that seamlessly blends the visual and auditory realms.


    | Imagination meets Passion
    The body of work is crafted to push the boundaries of the imagination, weaving intricate stories with the opportunity to create truly unique and captivating experiences through visual narratives. Each piece is a testament to artistic ingenuity, fusing elements of music with familiar subject matter to create a profound sensory experience.


    | Generative Art
    Aphonic Symphony leverages the power of artificial intelligence to amplify creative potential and push the boundaries of artistic expression. By combining the artistic vision of human creativity with the computational capabilities of AI, we unlock a realm of endless possibilities, fueling a new era of artistic collaboration and exploration.




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    A glimpse into an alternate dimension where art takes on a life of its own.
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